Administration News

Guidelines for Halloween Costumes and Groups  


 Costume guidelines for ALL students:

  • No masks
  • No painted faces (MUST be able to fully recognize the student)
  • No clown costumes allowed!!
  • No morph outfits
  • No wheels of any kind
  • No throwing, bouncing, or hitting balls in hallway
  • No weapons, even plastic
  • No costumes or settings suggestive of alcohol or drugs
  • All costumes must conform to the school dress code
  • Any costumes deemed inappropriate, offensive, or in violation of these rules and you will be asked to change from your costume
  • Any costume questions, ask your grade level administrator


Guidelines for Groups:

  • Groups planning to have any type of set-up with props must complete an application for approval (available in the front office) and turn in to front office by Oct. 24th. If students want to “float” an idea before making application, speak to your grade level administrator for input.
  • Once approved, group will be assigned to a specific/limited space along one of the main hallways only. All set-ups are to remain in that space and on that side of the hallway.
  • Safety is of utmost importance and any student or group behaving in an unsafe manner will be immediately referred to appropriate administrators. Examples could include (but not limited to) pushing/shoving, running in halls or stairways, throwing or bouncing balls.
  • Any group appearing or behaving inappropriately will be immediately referred to appropriate administrators.
  • Students are responsible for cleaning up all trash. Trash cans will be positioned throughout the building for your use.


The administration hopes that everyone will follow the rules and can have a fun day.  If you have any questions about a costume or set up, see your grade level administrator ahead of time to avoid issues that day!!



Dear Walton Parents,   

The Administration is facing two student issues we need your help in solving.

Student use of vapes (JU-ULS, e-cigarettes) is on the rise.  We encourage you to do some research regarding what the devices look like and the health concerns associated with vaping.  As a reminder, any student found using or in possession of vape products and/or paraphernalia will receive the consequences outlined in the CCSD Student Code of Conduct. 

Second, the Walton administrators are asking for parents’ assistance regarding school dress code. Addressing these dress code issues is disruptive to instruction and a poor use of time for students, teachers and administrators. We are asking for your help by discussing and monitoring your child's dress on a daily basis. 



Last week at Walton we had our first school safety day. In each class, teachers reviewed the procedures for fire, severe weather, code yellow and code red situations.  The next day, we had our first fire drill and code red drill.  Our best defense is being prepared and knowing what to do in any situation.  We reminded students to tell an adult when they have any concerns regarding school safety.  If your child brings you any immediate concerns when school is not in session, please contact your local police.  School safety is our number one priority.

Dear Walton Community,       
Having had the unique experience of being a student, a teacher, and administrator at Walton, I am excited to continue the journey as the next principal.  The students are the best part of Walton. They are kind, caring, hardworking, and provide such hope for the future.  My goal is to provide all Walton students a supportive environment where upon graduation they have many doors open to them to pursue their individual dreams, and, over the past 18 years, I have seen so many former students do just that!  This is an incredibly special place, and I am thrilled to continue to be part of this community.
Walton has a strong tradition of excellence and a clear vision to provide students with a first class education.  Our incredible faculty and staff and supportive community have been the keys to our success, and I am looking forward to holding on to our tradition as we move into the future looking for ways to improve our school.
I hope everyone is having a restful, relaxing summer break and look forward to seeing everyone in the 2018-19 school year.
With Raider Pride,
Catherine Mallanda