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The mission of the Health & Wellness Committee at Walton High School is to provide resources, insight, and information to guide students and staff to be healthy, fit, and energetic, and to enjoy life to the fullest with energy to pursue goals.




Want some great wellness tips? See past articles in the Connections newsletters from Jill Gregory, Certified Nutrition Consultant and Personal Trainer by clicking HERE.








Know the Risks


Click HERE for an article about the risks of E-Cigarettes.  



Mental Health

Today’s school environment can be very stressful for students - especially when they reach high school and have to deal with a lot of social and academic issues. Students can display signs of stress in many forms. Is it more than a stressful day or incident? Is the child suffering from depression? Is it more than that?

Mental Health America (www.mhascreening.org) has put together a very helpful resource for parents to help guide them and their families regarding stress and mental health issues. Please click HERE for more information. If you have seen some of these signs in your child, please speak to your child or reach out for help (1-800-273-TALK [8255]). 



Do you understand the Smart Snacks Rule? Want more info?

Smart Snacks are foods and beverages that are sold to students during the school day (defined as midnight before the school day to 30 minutes after the end of the school day). Only foods sold during this time frame and on the school campus must meet the Smart Snacks guidelines. Foods and beverages that are given away do not have to meet these guidelines because they are not being sold. Also, foods sold outside of the defined school day or on weekends, such as at evening football games, do not have to comply with the Smart Snacks guidelines.

Need a product calculator? Product Navigator? These are great tools to help you plan your event. Visit the Georgia PTA site for a complete list of resources:  http://www.georgiapta.org/health-wellness/smart-snacks-resources/

More questions? Contact JoAnne Hammermaster, Health & Wellness Co-chair at joanne@hammermaster.net.



Need Fundraising Ideas??


Here are two more examples of schools in Georgia that have had great success with their fundraisers:

Burke County Schools:

Using Georgia SHAPE Grant funding, the school nutrition program worked alongside the baseball Dugout Club to offer a healthy concession menu. This menu was featured alongside the traditional concession items, but proved to be a "home run" success. This was a way to test out (and prove!) that offering healthy concessions can work. Since project completion, other sporting teams within our district have requested a similar menu for their specific seasons.  Click Here for a sample menu.  

Carrollton City Schools:

Singing Grams- The High School Show Choir sales “singing valentines” and are planning to expand their offerings to other holidays and events.

Other Fundraising Ideas:

  • Sell local, organic produce (“Farm Raiser”!)
  • Organize a Walk-a-thon or Fun Run
  • Sell smoothies instead of cupcakes or donuts (must meet SS rules)
  • Sell roses for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day
  • Sell fruit baskets
  • Sell turkeys and hams during the holidays
  • Offer a “family night” for your school at a local restaurant that gives back a certain percentage of revenue taken in that day
  • Sell pumpkins or holiday trees
  • Organize a talent show or Battle of the Bands with admission fee
  • Organize a basketball/sport event between students and teachers or teachers with teachers from another school in your area; sell promotional items for the event
  • Hold a car wash
  • Create a cook book with recipes from teachers and/or parents
  • Organize a “pet wash” day

Need more ideas? Click here: http://healthymeals.nal.usda.gov/local-wellness-policy-resources/wellness-policy-elements/healthy-fundraising


Want more Health & Wellness information? Please see the Georgia PTA website at http://www.georgiapta.org/health-wellness/