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2018/2019 PTSA Executive Committee Elections

Congrats to the newly elected members of the 2018/2019 PTSA Executive Committee!


  • Robin Perry, co-President
  • Natalie Collins, VP Volunteer Services
  • Vicky Zambrano, VP Programs and Events
  • Dawn Quinn, VP Communications
  • Leslie O'Brien, Treasury

Raider Pride Awards

The Raider Pride Award   


The Raider Pride Award recognizes students who consistently demonstrate exceptional character traits, particularly integrity and kindness. Walton High School faculty and staff members nominate students for the award fall and spring semesters.





Spring 2018 Recipients

Class of 2018   Class of 2019   Class of 2020   Class of 2021
Augusta Alexander   Genevieve Borders   Kristoffer  Bo-O   Hannah Bowen
Amber Archer   Xavier Conway   `Adam Brenar   Joseph Covington
Mary Louise Bain   Blake Feilmeier   Hailey Brown   Olivia Cuthrell
Harper Barbaree   Greer  Flint   Noah Bruckner    Tannor Daniels
James (Will) Battle   Cyle Forte   Troy "Daniel" Buyers    Chase Flagel
Nicholas Bierria   John Giesler   Taylor  Chiles   Camille Flewellen
Chloe  Burgess   Rachel Goldstein   Mary "Bess" Conway   David Harris
Philip  Colt   Emma Holt   Ashley Fairfax   Izaiah Hooper
Sagarika  Devarayapuram   Grant Jenson   Drew Gerrard   Betty (Ella)  Jacobson
Raymond  Fanning   Sameer Joseph   Reese Helfrich   Lindsay Jenson
Joseph Fletcher   Zeina Khalife   Matthew "Mateo" Hochhauser   Michael Keane
Lee Flowers   Tom Lagen   Tori Hopkins   Taylor Kirksey
Connor Flynn   Maggie Lindemulder   Anna Hunnicutt   Callie Landers
Matthew Griffith   Ashley  McDonald   Jacob Huth   Nick Makuch
Ben Hardy   Connor Murphy   Maria Johnson   Antonia Melnikova
Taylor Helfrich   Tyler Orndorff   Carly Judenberg   Tahsin Nabi
Daniel Hudadoff   Kristin Qualey   Anya Kurup   Aditya Palliyil
Samantha Johnson   Charlotte Ramirez   Maaha Madadali   Patrisiya Rumyantseva
Lauren Metcalf   Diogo Saubel   Bradley Rudy   Ariana Virani
Rachel Meyer   Hannah Song   Eric Simon   Ryan Weiss
Carl Morea   Eleena Soni   K. D.  Stokes   Emma White
Will O'Reilly   Riley Spurlin   Katie  Strickland    
Lucas Riley-Oliviera   Emily Stone   Chloey Vickers    
Caitlyn Seeley   Erin Tapley        
Aartika Shrivastava   Queenie Wang        
Jackson Steber   Malik Wilson        
Taylor Tischendorf   Jayson Wu        
Wendy Yao            

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Career Coaches

Walton Parents and Alumni:

The Walton PTSA invites you to join our team!

As students uncover career paths that are of interest to them, the PTSA would like to bring together our community to offer our students the opportunity to investigate the options that are of great interest to them.

As a Walton Career Coach, you will have the opportunity to help mentor Walton students as they begin exploring their future careers.  For more information and to join this important team, please click on the link below.