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Please consider a volunteer role in one or more of the many committees or activities that make Walton strong and vibrant, we have plenty of work to go around and flexible work schedules, we are an equal opportunity volunteer organization, we need you


Help Wanted PTSA

Volunteer role: VP Communications Walton PTSA

Term: finish out 2017/2018 school year

Duties: Leadership and coordination for all committee chairs and volunteers involved with communication activities as listed below

  • Weekly E-blast
  • Monthly E-connections newsletter
  • Bi-annual Raider review newsletter
  • Social Media communications
  • PTSA website management and updates as needed
  • Marketing and Publicity

For inquiries, email to waltonpresident@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest, we appreciate your consideration to serve. 


Social Media



Career Coaches

Walton Parents and Alumni:

The Walton PTSA invites you to join our team!

As students uncover career paths that are of interest to them, the PTSA would like to bring together our community to offer our students the opportunity to investigate the options that are of great interest to them.

As a Walton Career Coach, you will have the opportunity to help mentor Walton students as they begin exploring their future careers.  For more information and to join this important team, please click on the link below.