2019 Reflections Winners

Priya Venkatesan, 1st Place - 9th grade
Susanna Huang, 1st Place - 10th grade
Andrew Gordon, 2nd Place - 10th grade
Divya Virmani, 1st Place - 11th grade
Jessica Helmer, 1st Place - 11th grade
George Malcolm, Honorable Mention
Saloni Jain, Honorable Mention

Dance Choreography
Emma Zeng, 1st Place

Film Production
Naila Julien, 1st Place

Mayowa Babalola, 1st Place - 9th grade
Carly Walker, 1st Place - 10th grade
Shashank Umesh, 2nd Place - 10th grade
Jacob Loggins, 1st Place - 11th grade
Sophia Ostervold, 1st Place - 12th grade

Visual Arts
Isabella Blackmon, 1st Place - 9th grade
Izzie Denning 2nd Place - 9th grade
Bailey Birdsong, Honorable Mention - 9th grade
Julie Bishara, Honorable Mention - 9th grade
Eileen Zhang, 1st Place - 10th grade
Nicole Norman,  2nd Place - 10th grade
Mahea Bingham, Honorable Mention - 10th grade
Camille Lemoine, Honorable Mention - 10th grade
Sheena Lai, 1st Place - 11th grade
Maya Barry, 2nd Place - 11th grade
Alison Beicher, Honorable Mention - 11th grade
Manuel a Lopez-Menardi, Honorable Mention - 11th grade
Nadia Ruvalraba Delfon, 1st Place - 12th grade
Matthew Pawlowski, 2nd Place -12th grade
TJ Ozkan, Honorable Mention - 12th grade

Margarite Herrejon, Honorable Mention - 12th grade




Let's get creative! Get a jump start on your entry for the Reflections program. Create original works, incorporating the theme, “Look Within,” in the following categories:

• Dance Choreography

• Film Production

• Music Composition

• Literature

• Photography

• Visual Arts


The entry deadline for Walton is Monday, October 7, 2019.

Entries may be dropped off a the front office.


Reflections Official Rules and Entry Form


For inspiration, visit the Reflections virtual art gallery and learn more about prizes and scholarships at



 Reflect. Create Art. Be Recognized. Students are invited to submit their art to the Reflections Art Contest. This is a national contest put on by PTSA. Winners at each level will go on to district, state and national competition.


National PTA Reflections is America’s oldest and largest arts education program of its kind. The program was developed in 1969 by Colorado’s PTA President Mary Lou Anderson to encourage students to explore their talents and express themselves. Since then, the Reflections Arts Program has inspired millions of students to reflect on a specific theme and create original artwork. Each year, students in Grades Pre-K through 12 are recognized for bringing the theme to life through Film Production, Dance Choreography, Literature, Music Composition, Photography, and Visual Arts.












Congratulations on winning the Georgia State PTA and East Cobb PTA Reflections Contest- 

Heroes Around Me winners! 


Georgia State PTA Reflections 2018-2019 Heroes Around Me winners  

Category Grade First Name Last Name Title  
3D Visual Art   11 Parker   Walden A Tribute to Those Who Didn't Make It Home     
Dance   9 Emma Zeng  The Heroes' Adventure   

ECCC PTA Reflections 2018-2019 Heroes Around Me Winners

Dance Choreography 
Emma Zeng

Naila Julien

Ariana Virani

Music Composition  
Grace Lege  
Sarah Grace Simons  
Visual Arts  
Beck Pawlowski  
Emma Woodman  
Heather Byers  
Maha Mohsin  
Parker Walden  
Renee Chen
If any of you missed the article in the East Cobber, here is the link to the article: 
We will let you know a pick-up date for the artwork that isn't moving on to State level.

Let's get creative! Get a jump start on your entry for the Reflections program. Create original works, incorporating the theme, “Heroes Around Me,” in the following categories:

• Dance Choreography

• Film Production

• Music Composition

• Literature

• Photography

• Visual Arts


The entry deadline for Walton is Monday, October 8, 2018

Reflections Official Rules and Entry Form


New this year

  • Visual Arts should Include one digital image of artwork with your submission.

  • All four grade levels will be lumped together, with four local winners per category, who will advance to the county competition.

    • Walton will also recognize several Honor Mentions in some categories.

  • Flash drives are acceptable. 

  • One student may only submit one piece for each category.  However, a student may submit 

         one piece for more than one category. 



For questions, contact Julia Cheng 


Special Artists:

Special Artist Division Rules  







Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Reflections County Winners!
Film                                Arman Deljoo
Literature                       Shiloh Thomas-Wilkinson
Literature                       Carly Judenberg
Music                             Jackson Banks
Music                             Grace Lege
Photography                  Ryan Li
Visual Arts                     Kevin Cho
Visual Arts                     Hearhee Kang
Special Artist                 Lexie Luckcuck
Special Artist                 Teagan Weeks
Special Artist                 Oshin Sharma
Special Artist                 Maha Mohsin




Congratulations to the 2017-18 Walton Reflections Winners!



1st place:  Hearhee Kang, “The Future Is What You Make It”

2nd place:  Celia Rose, “The New Age of Exploration”

3rd place:  Kevin Cho, “A Last Glance at the Mirror”

4th place:  Desiree Michele Reyes, “Tomorrow”



Nadia De Leon, “Looking Closer”

Reilly Surdykowski, “Reaching for Growth”

Lucille Long, “Dreams and Wishes”

Margarita Herrejon, “Will I Ever Reach the Stars?” 

Samantha Jones, “Picking My Path”

Parker Walden, “Almost Home”



1st place:  Lexie Luckcuck, “Friendship Is Within Reach”

2nd place:  Teagan Weeks, “Progression”

3rd place:  Oshin Sharma, “Concert”

4th place:  Maha Mohsin, “Glitter Cap”



1st place:  Jake Loggins, “Calm Before the Storm”

2nd place:  Ryan Li, “Hope”

3rd place:  Michelle Meng, “Seas Every Opportunity”

4th place:  Neha Halebeed, “Sandcastle Child”



1st place:  Shiloh Thomas-Wilkinson, “The Fisherman and the Diamonds of Heaven”

2nd place:  Carly Judenberg, “The Other Side of the Wall”

3rd place:  Aaron Rieck, “Strike Three”

4th place:  Gracie Jean Joiner, “Deep Water”



David Kang, “Broken Wings”

Jacob Leung, “Coveted Stars”

Claudia Loughlin, “Comfortable Silence”

Maggie Xia, “Color”



1st place:  Arman Deljoo, "Goals"



1st place:  Grace Lege, “Within Reach”

2nd place:  Albert You, “Holding On”

3rd place:  Jackson Banks, “Follow Your Dreams”