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Welcome to the Walton High School, and East Cobb Stables Middle School Interscholastic Equestrian Association Teams

We are hoping that this information reaches equestrians who may be interested in joining our 2019-2020 team


Who we are looking for

HORSE LOVERS in grades 4 through 12!!  


We are currently seeking competing, and non competing players to join our equestrian team team. You don’t have to ride at the shows. We just ask our team to have a positive attitude during lessons and a love for horses. 

 6th-12th grade competing riders should be comfortable riding different horses  (or have the willingness to learn) at the walk, trot and canter both ways of the ring  and be able to jump a course of 18 inches to 2’6 proficiently, based on your level. 

 4th and 5th graders should be able to walk, trot both directions of the ring . After as assessment, your coach will be place you in an appropriate division. 


Benefits for Riders

  • You DO NOT need to own a horse
  • Both beginner and advanced riders are able to strengthen their equine knowledge and riding skills.
  • Learning Sportsmanship 
  • Fun atmosphere while on competitive teams
  • IEA is a great introduction for showing at a lower cost
  • Riders will compete in 5 Horse Shows throughout the regular season and a chance at Regionals, zones and Nationals individually and as a team.
  • Prepare for a collegiate team
  • Scholarships through IEA are available, as well as other recognitions national for riding skills and horsemanship skills.  


Team requirements

After joining you will be required to: 

Take one lesson a week at ECS with the trainer of your choice

Attend two team practices a month 

 Required to attend team meetings every few months, and we encourage team building activities with or without horses outside of these requirements. 

Riders are also required to stay at each of the 5 shows until all team riders are finished, unless there are unforeseeable circumstances and you have to leave. Parents do not have to stay, but they are responsible for drop off at time set by coach,  and picking up their riders. 

Riders and families will be bringing something to eat or drink to each show for the team table for riders and coaches to share. 


Meet your coaches:

Daphne Boogaard has been a United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) professional trainer since 1996. She has been coaching as an IEA coach since 2008, taking riders to Nationals several years. She was also head coach to the George Washington University Equestrian (IHSA) team from 2007-2014. Daphne also has over 30 years of attending local and Nationally ranked (A rated) horse shows outside of IEA, and is happy to be helping us build a great 2019-2020 team. 


Madalyn Murphy discovered her love for horses at the age of 4. She started taking riding lessons at the age of 6 at East Cobb Stables. She continued through middle school and high school as an active member of the IEA team. She worked at various stables through college to be able to afford to ride, and has now returned to ECS as an assistant instructor. She is very excited to work with the team that she once participated on. Madalyn is also a teacher at Walton High School. 



$180 Start up Team Fee (one time fee)

$190 ( Recurrent Billing Discount ) 4 lessons a month with the instructor of your choice

$50 Per Rider for each Team Lesson. 2 Team rides a month = $100.00


IEA show fees: 5 regular shows

1-2 classes (coaches discretion)

Estimated cost for each show is between $180 - $290 

Post season (ie Regionals, zones , Nationals) will be calculated on how many students are going and the coaches costs will be split. Transportation and accommodations of the coach will need to be covered. 


Please attend our QandA session August 24th at 5pm at east Cobb stables and bring a food or drink to share. 


East Cobb Stables

1649 Johnson’s Ferry Road

Marietta GA 30062


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call 

Daphne Boogaard 240 687 3183

Or Madalyn Murphy 770 369 7395


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