Raider Pride Award and Scholarship  

Raider Pride Award

Each semester, Walton High School staff members nominate one of their students who consistently demonstrates exceptional character traits, particularly integrity and kindness, for the Raider Pride Award. These students, along with their parents, are invited to a ceremony and reception in their honor. The PTSA is proud to work with the administration to provide this program.

Raider Pride Scholarship

Each year, the PTSA gives a $1000 scholarship to one boy and one girl recipient from the senior class. To be eligible to apply for the scholarship, the student must have received the Raider Pride Award at some point in their high school career. This award recognizes students who consistently demonstrated exceptional character traits, including honesty, integrity and kindness. These are the criteria that the judges apply to select the scholarship recipient.  To insure there is no unfair partiality, the judges are former Walton PTSA members with no current ties to the school.  Furthermore, all identifying information is removed from the applications prior to presenting them to the judges, so the selection process is blind.

We welcome seniors who have received the Raider Pride Award to apply.  The deadline for the Raider Pride Scholarship date is forthcoming.  Winners will be announced at Honors Night in the spring.

Click HERE for the Raider Pride Scholarship Application.